How much does it cost to fly private?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly private? Especially during tough covid-19 times, when many scheduled routes are being cancelled or too crowded? Give it a try and see below opportunities to fly on private jet from Czechia and Slovakia to UK, northern Italy or northern Poland. Call bunch of your friends and split the charge in between 6 persons. Prices may vary according to season.

Fly from Czechia and Slovakia – UK

One way prices in range 1500 EUR – 2000 EUR / person
Roundtrip prices in range  1800 EUR – 2300 EUR / person

Fly to London to experience busy streets and lifestyle /

Fly from Czechia and Slovakia – northern Italy

One way prices in range 1400 EUR – 1800 EUR / person
Roundtrip prices in range 1800 EUR – 2250 EUR / person

Fly to northern Italy to get lost in beautiful landscapes /

Fly from Czechia and Slovakia – northern Poland

One way prices in range 1300 EUR – 1600 EUR / person
Roundtrip prices in range 1550 EUR – 1900 EUR / person

Fly to Poland to see modern skyline of Warsaw /

Calculation is based on 6 occupied seats on a light jet category, such as Cessna Citation CJ3

CJ3 is one of the most frequently chartered jets for business and luxury travel. Released in 2004, it was designed to provide better economic performance and continues the legacy of the CJ family by offering even more cabin volume, more powerful engines and increased range. With maximum range of 1800 nautical miles (3210 km), the CJ3 separates itself from the other light jet aircrafts in its class. It is capable of flying long distances over 3 hours at a speed of 478 MPH (772 km/h).

Typical configuration can accommodate up to 8 passengers with plenty of baggage space (1841 L). CJ3 offers more comfort, room, workspace and better range than CJ2 and also has great performance on short runways. It has fully equipped mini bar and storage space for cold catering. The modern interior offers also an enclosed lavatory. CJ3 delivers efficient reliability with features that ensure productivity and comfort.