Cargo problems? Do you need urgent shipment?

Do you have cargo that needs to be delivered reliably, securely and swiftly? Is it very urgent case? Remember that any type of cargo flight can be arranged, anywhere in the world. Various kinds of vehicles, machinery, relief supplies or even live animals of all types. If you happen to be shipping anything that might fall into categories Dangerous Goods, Live Animals or Perishables and Food Products, you deal with specific cargo.

Shipping dangerous cargo (such as harsh chemical, flammable, toxic, explosive or otherwise potential materials to cause harm) has a strict set of guidelines. Animals need to be treated with a basic level of dignity and respect. Health certificates, enough food and water, and accommodation that is safe is a must. Shipping food typically requires a declaration of the product and proper storage, but your main worry should be to prevent spoiling at all cost.

Cargo can be delivered reliably, securely and swiftly.

Popular types of cargo planes

Turboprop is practical solution for short-range cargo flights, when speed is not critical and a pressurized cabin is not required. For example older King Air or Cessna Caravan models. Small Jets are suitable for mid-range cargo flights. Converted Lear and Falcon aircraft are common types of small cargo jets. Turboprop Airliners are capable of hauling a surprising payload, keep costs down and get the job done properly. The Saab 340 and Fokker 50 are two of the most common planes available in this category. Jet Airliners are the largest cargo planes capable of transporting anything from elephants to aerospace parts. The most commonly available are Boeing 727/737/767.

Let us create a tailor-made solution for your small cargo.
Let us create a tailor-made solution for your small shipment.

Experiencing urgent problems with your supply chain ?

When every second matters, we try to create the most flexible solutions for your time-critical transports and achieve the shortest transit times. As we process your order immediately, we can offer precisely defined transit times to help you meet the tightest of deadlines. Let us create a tailor-made solution for your urgent small shipment transport challenges, even if it’s only one tiny box.

Cargo plane pricing is fully dependent on routing. If you wish your shipment delivered on time, unharmed and literally anytime, contact us to see estimated cost of chartering a private jet on any desired route.